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  • 2010-06-18 17:18:44 Source:China Business Times  (Views:115)

Lin Chuan Ju expects the spring of Internet business circle

Lin Chuan Ju, General Manager of “Yidaba.com”, said that e-commerce mode has been transformed from single-way information dissemination to interactive type. It is an inevitable trend. Integrating industry resources and making uses of online and offline advantages are a unique feature possessed by B2B e-commerce business of Yidaba. The combination of optimizing Internet business circle platform and organizing platform users to participate in various offline industry forums and exhibitions may make enterprises involved in every link of channel integration more directly.


What do SMEs need most in the process of development? Lin Chuan Ju said it is faster and more accurate information. The Internet business circle can provide not only necessary information for SMEs but also an environment in which communications with business partners or experts in different industries. The human relationships and resources are also handled in the business circle. Additional value-added services will be provided to meet SMEs’ further demands. The most direct integration of industry resources is achieved through this community-style Internet business circle.


Lin Chuan Ju expected that Internet business circle can be used to judge and meet the needs of SMEs, and to increase customers’ (especially the valuable customers) dependence on Yidaba, therefore, its own business mode can be developed, such as value-added service products. However, Lin Chuan Ju is not in a hurry to be succeeded. “We’re not being pressurized by the group for achieving profit. Therefore, we’re in a stable development.” Lin Chuan Ju said “Service First, Sales Second”, this business path is definitely not a shortcut, but she still sticks to her orientation.

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