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  • 2011-09-19 15:37:07 Source:Xinnet  (Views:130)

The 12th Anniversary Celebration of CE Dongli Starts a New Era

On Sept. 16th, 2011, the domestic largest informatization operator — CE Dongli held “A New Era of CE Dongli — the 12th Anniversary of CE Dongli and Strategy Conference” in Grand Millennium Beijing. In the conference, business manager of CE Dongli Chen Mingfei looked back the development process in the past 12 years, and technology and operation manager Zhang Bin introduced the cloud platform and technology operation mode of CE Dongli. General Manager of CE Dongli Chen Dan released the strategy of “A New Era of CE Dongli”, and declared the “A New Era of CE Dongli” of rapid development. More than 300 guests, reporters and partners from all walks of life attended the celebration and strategy conference.


Through 12 Years of Concentration and Persistence, CE Dongli Leads the Industry Development


CE Dongli owns 12 years of development experience. In the early stage of development, the domestic SMEs started informatization. Despite of immature and unclear technology, environment and policy, CE Dongli is committed to providing the domestic SMEs with informatization service for 12 years owing to the strong belief in the informatization of the domestic SMEs. In 2000, the Internet industry was reshuffled. Many providers of informatization service went bankrupt. As the survival, CE Dongli always focuses on the SMEs and has never changed because of difficulties or temptation. CE Dongli has won unanimous recognition due to our courage and spirit and leads the industry development.


In 2004, the committee of experts of CNGI was established formally, pointing out the new development direction of China Internet. In the same year, “digital business platform 1.0” was launched by CE Dongli, became the enterprise-level digital business platform based on operation mode, and started the new mode of the SME informatization. In 2007, E-commerce Development “Eleventh Five-year” Plan was released. The strategy and tasks of e-commerce development were specified in the national policy for the first time. CE Dongli and IDC released SAAS — A Shortcut of the SME Informatization, specifying the road of the SME informatization. In 2008, SLA (Service Level Agreement) was implemented by CE Dongli for the first time, was the service quality commitment and became a new benchmark in the field of enterprise informatization operation.


Initiation and Sharing, CE Dongli Creates a New Era


Through 12 years of rapid development, CE Dongli has gradually developed into a SME informatization service provider. An innovative and leading service provider has been created due to the characteristics of the domestic SMEs such as various industries, many modes and diversified needs. The informatization operation mode and localization service strategy based on the cloud platform developed by CE Dongli takes the lead in the SME informatization service industry. Flexible technology and considerate service are provided by CE Dongli. CE Dongli grows rapidly, and more than 300,000 SMEs which CE Dongli served in the past 12 years have become the major force in the aspect of informatization of the domestic SMEs.


“A New Era of CE Dongli” is a new concept put forward by CE Dongli based on the informatization development process of the domestic SMEs and 12 years of development experience. CE Dongli is committed to providing informatization service for the SMEs through 12 years of concentration and persistence. With the rapid development of the market, CE Dongli enters a new ear of rapid development due to the mature layout. Based on 12 years of rich experience and judgment on the informatization market of the SMEs, CE Dongli thinks that the informatization market of domestic enterprises, especially the SMEs, is mature. The SMEs must advance with the times, and achieve rapid development through scientific management and informatization application. A new ear of rapid development of informatization operation of the domestic SMEs is coming. Through 12 years of accumulation, CE Dongli leads and creates a new ear of informatization operation of the domestic SMEs, helps the domestic SMEs to create an intelligent enterprise, and creates an informatization future.


General Manager of CE Dongli Chen Dan said, “In the past 12 years, CE Dongli was committed to promoting the informatization development of the domestic enterprises. CE Dongli creates miracles, grows constantly, harvests hope and leads the domestic SMEs to enter a new ear of informatization application!” In the future, CE Dongli will make common development with the domestic SMEs and achieve rapid development of enterprise informatization.

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