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  • 2010-08-28 17:24:45 Source:Wen Wei Po  (Views:122)

Xinnet launches the largest enterprise email

“2010 China Internet Conference” came to a close in Beijing recently. Wang Jian, General Manager of Xinnet, announced that the space of “Global Email” products has been upgraded to 365G from 1G per user for free. As a result, Global Email has become the largest enterprise email in China.


It is said that currently over 60% of enterprises have their own enterprise emails in developed countries comparing to only 10% of enterprises in China. Therefore, there is a large space for development in China market. The aforesaid email has many such high-end business office functions as large space, fast transmission of tremendous attachments, real-time supervision, anti-spam intelligence and multipoint forwarding, besides the email sending/receiving speed has been substantially improved , making the enterprise email boxes up to international standards.

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