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  • 2011-11-20 15:43:58  (Views:126)

Industry Structure Upgrade, “1+N” Pioneers the Revolution of E-commerce

On Nov. 16th, 2011, China Software Conference was held in Beijing. Deputy General Manager of CE Dongli Chen Chuan attended the conference. He gave a speech on the development of e-commerce industry with “Industry Structure Upgrade, Start the Revolution of E-commerce” as the theme and put forward that the new mode of the future e-commerce is bound to be “1+N” —“1 independent mall + N online stores”.


Chen Chuan said “there are three trends of the e-commence industry: 1) The vertical B2C has a bright prospect, and the new transactional model need to be developed. 2) The e-commerce develops towards differentiation and diversification. 3) The independent platform becomes an important part of development of the future e-commerce.”


TMall, eBay, 360buy or Paipai is only a channel for the SMEs. If the SMEs plan to establish their own brands and develop their loyal customers, they must have the independent e-commerce platform so that they can control their destiny. The new mode of the future e-commerce is bound to be “1+N”.


 “1” refers to the independent online mart, an independent e-commerce mode. “N” refers to the online stores on many third-party e-commerce platforms, the platform e-commerce mode.


In the independent online mart, the enterprises can have their own independent domain name, sell all commodities online, and establish the online store consistent with the brand image and style. The enterprises can manage and operate the online store by themselves, provide customers with characteristic service, grasp rules, and have their own online store of independent management. 

However, it is not easy to have the independent online mart for the SMEs. The SMEs are faced with the challenge of operation, technology and capital. In the light of this situation, the enterprise-level e-commerce operation platform—Zshop is developed. Zshop is an application-oriented service platform integrating hardware, software, network infrastructure and data center. The enterprises can have the personalized and brand design, good purchase experience, convenient and efficient management and safe and stable operation.


“We wish that the enterprises only need to focus on the operation of the online store, achieve ‘the online store of independent operation’, realize ‘1+N’ e-commerce, and lay a solid foundation for remaining invincible in the new e-commerce competition by virtue of 12 years of accumulation, professional service and solid technical strength.”

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